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If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t get pushed around by the insurance company.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Minding the rights of Idaho Riders because the only thing worse than being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident is to find out later you were taken advantage of by an insurance company.

Updated March 2021

A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist

Insurance claims adjusters know all the tricks in the book.

The companies they work for have had years of practice in diminishing and denying motorcycle insurance claims and wrongful death cases.

The insurance company has an army of lawyers helping them.

Shouldn’t you have a legal team fighting for you?

We believe that it’s better to be prepared than to be lost in a panic. That’s why we are thrilled to have been sponsors of A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist at the Nampa Civic Center. Thank you to everyone who made this course happen! To learn more visit our motorcycle training page.

Our Promise To You

At Skaug Law, charges are settled at the end of your case. You only pay attorney fees when you win.

  • We will offer FREE ANSWERS about your injury case and CLEARLY EXPLAIN your legal options.
  • We will take NO PAYMENTS UP FRONT and we will take NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN your case.
  • We will not be satisfied until you win FULL COMPENSATION, BENEFITS and JUSTICE for your accident or insurance dispute in Boise, Nampa and the surrounding areas.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Minding the rights of Idaho Riders!

When you have been in a motorcycle accident it is more likely than not to find either yourself or your loved ones being pushed around by an insurance company. Too often it ends up being required that you or your loved ones have to be able to push back!

When you are already dealing with injuries or concerns surrounded an injured loved one, nobody is at their best, that’s when it’s important to have the right support doing that pushback for you!

Skaug Law cares about bikers, we care what you experience on and off the road and we know how to successfully navigate the bureaucracy associated with insurance claims when you’re on the unfair end of that battle too. Those are some of the many reasons that as a motorcycle accident law firm we became founding members of the National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (NAMIL).

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, like those we work with here at Skaug Law, knows how to collect the compensation needed to set things right for you and for your family. This can include filing claims with insurance companies to arbitrate a settlement or taking a case to court in a formal lawsuit when they don’t play fair to your needs.

Types Of Cases that our Motorcycle lawyer professionals usually handles:

A motorcycle accident lawyer will represent clients with:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Scooter and moped crashes
  • Four-wheeler and other off-road vehicles
  • Equipment defects

Not everyone thinks of the many vehicles that fall into this category of accident, but scooters and mopeds face many of the same issues motorcycles and motorcyclists face.

In some motorcycle accident cases, we also handle helmet defect claims against the manufacturers so you can cover your medical bills.

If a helmet cracks or falls off when a client is hit, there may be potential for a defective product claim in addition to the lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Are you unsure if your case fits into any of these categories or not? Don’t worry; we’re happy to do a free consultation with you to see how your case fits into our experience and expertise to serve you. We have handled numerous motorcycle-related accidents and will guide you towards clarifying what we can do to help you get the compensation you will need and deserve to have.

When To Talk To A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Are you unsure about whether or not you should talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney about your accident? Many people do not feel like they went through enough to require the help of a lawyer, but it is important to realize that the insurance companies are not on your side in these situations. They will try to push for a fast resolution without any lawyers involved, but lawyers can help you review these agreements to ensure you are getting fair treatment from all involved parties.

Whether or not you believe you will need to pursue a claim, it’s good to get an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer involved in your case as early as possible. They can help you to ensure you gather appropriate documentation and get the compensation you deserve.

The Law Treats Bikers The Same Way As Any Motorist

The Law Treats Bikers The Same Way As Any Motorist

Skaug Law attorneys have extensive experience overcoming prejudices against our motorcycle clients. Motorcycle riders are often given more blame than they deserve in situations where the negligence of another driver was a bigger issue.

Generally speaking, drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and follow the rules of the road. Any driver who fails to uphold this duty and, as a result, gets into an accident or causes a wrongful death, may be negligent.

A negligence case following a motorcycle accident states a defendant’s poor driving led to a crash and that the defendant is liable to provide fair and necessary compensation.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers help victims win maximum compensation for past and future medical costs and care, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, as well as other losses.

Let Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Help You Pursue Compensation

Individuals involved in motorcycle accidents are likely to be suffering from severe injuries.

It is not uncommon for the victims of these accidents to endure broken bones, head trauma, and severe cuts and scrapes to name a few.

Injured individuals may be able to recover compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

In addition, victims can recover compensation for any mental trauma they have endured.

A Nampa-area motorcycle accident lawyer can calculate the value of your case and fight to recover its full value.

Claims Of Shared Fault

Often, the defendant will argue that a biker was partially responsible for the accident. The State of Idaho follows the theory of comparative negligence. This means the courts will assign a percentage of responsibility for the accident to each party involved.

If you are found to be more than 50 percent “at fault” for the accident, you may not be able to recover compensation. If you are in this situation and believe it is unfair, or inaccurate and you haven’t already – it is time to reach out to our motorcycle accident law firm and get the team working on your behalf.

Our attorneys can use evidence and witness testimony to further demonstrate and convince a court that the defendant was indeed partially or even, entirely to blame for the collision if that is the case.

Idaho Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Who Is The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

The best motorcycle accident lawyer is going to be the lawyer who can look at your case in a fair, objective way to ensure they are able to find the best way to move forward with your case. 

Motorcycle accident lawyers with experience dealing with issues like shared fault and driver negligence will be able to apply these problems to your case, and they are the most likely to be able to succeed in arguing your case.

Here at Skaug Law, we have a team of lawyers dedicated to helping those involved in motorcycle accidents to get the compensation they deserve. Contact us for more information and a free consultation about your accident at any time.

A Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help Hold Negligent Drivers Responsible

You can win maximum money for your injury and losses with the right motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. A skilled attorney will guide you through every step and will find every available insurance source to pay for your damages.

Motorcycle accidents are life-changing events; from injuries to medical bills, there are many aspects of the damages caused by these accidents that insurance companies might try to brush over.

Our Nampa-based Idaho motorcycle accident law firm, Skaug Law can help you demonstrate that another driver was negligent and that this negligence caused your injuries.

Our attorneys will work not only to prove another party was at fault but also to pursue your case for all possible compensation.

You pay nothing upfront and only when you win your case, so you do not need to worry about whether or not our services are affordable for you or not.

Our firm was established in 1992 with the sole purpose of seeking justice for injury victims and the families of fatal accident victims. There is no cost to speak to a Skaug Law attorney to get advice on your case and understand your legal options.

You can call our firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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