Nampa Car Accident Lawyer: A Must for the Injured Passengers

Nampa Car Accident Lawyer: A Must for Injured Passengers

Car Accident Lawyer | Updated December 13, 2021

If an accident occurs and you’re injured when someone else is driving, then it’s critical that you reach out to a local personal lawyer to help. As a passenger you have full legal rights and with the support of one of our Boise car accident attorneys, we can make sure your bills are paid and that you get the maximum settlement possible. Have questions? Need solutions? Need a rideshare accident attorney? Our experienced legal team at Skaug Law gets results!

passenger car accident injuries

Contacting a Car Accident Attorney in Boise

If an injury occurs while riding in a vehicle or taking an Uber, then you, as a passenger, have every right to seek compensatory damages. Skaug Law team members understand the specifics of these types of cases and are ready to expedite the process and fight for you. Every rideshare accident attorney at our firm works tirelessly to get compensation for injured passengers.

Advice From an Idaho Automobile Accident Attorney

There is a general routine to follow when drivers are in an accident, but what’s the process when someone else is behind the wheel?

Dos and Don’ts After Experiencing a Collision as a Passenger:

  • Do: Seek medical attention. Getting prompt medical treatment for immediate pain is a no-brainer. Even victims who feel fine can benefit from a physician’s thorough evaluation to establish any injuries that could potentially result from an accident.
  • Don’t: Speak with other involved parties. It may be tempting to ask the driver questions about exact insurance coverage or consult with other passengers. Keep things neutral and don’t discuss plans, even if these people are acquaintances.
  • Do: Gather information. Collect contact and insurance information from drivers of both vehicles, as well as contact information from any crash witnesses. Consider taking pictures of license tags, individual licenses and insurance cards.
  • Don’t: Forget to take pictures. Photos can go a long way in legal cases so be sure to take them at the scene. Helpful shots may include pictures of vehicle damage, roadways, traffic pattern, specific road conditions and tire tread markings. Pictures of sustained injuries can be taken soon as well.
  • Do: Call authorities. Be sure to call the proper law enforcement agency, even if the driver does not. Obtain a copy of the police report to know which party is deemed at fault and other pertinent facts.
  • Don’t: Lose control. An unexpected accident can bring out the worst in some folks. Tensions can run high, panic may ensue and the blame game might begin. End awkwardness with courtesy and patience.
  • Do: Retain a Nampa car accident lawyer. Whether accident victims seek a rideshare accident attorney or an Idaho personal injury lawyer, they can benefit from working with a reputable car accident attorney in Boise. Learn about the legal rights of passengers and the process of filing a claim for compensation.

Passengers Who Benefit from an Idaho Automobile Accident Attorney

passenger hurt in tour bus accidentWhen is retaining the best personal injury lawyer near me the right move? The expertise of an experienced car accident attorney in Boise can prove advantageous to anyone involved in a car crash. Collisions happen all the time; passengers deserve representation from a Nampa car accident lawyer too.

  • Riding in helicopters or airplanes comes with certain risks. If you’ve been in an accident during a flight, then you need to consult with an attorney sooner rather than later because the airlines have a team of lawyers who are already working against you.
  • Touring, private and city buses are all subject to dangers, just like other vehicles are. Riders injured during a collision are definitely covered by the operating company’s insurance policy. It’s important to establish exactly what happened during the accident to ensure you get the biggest possible settlement.
  • Although uncommon, bike passengers injured due to no fault of their own can discuss filing a claim with a Nampa car accident lawyer.
  • Unfortunately, train accidents happen and Idaho is no exception. Learn about passenger rights by seeking legal representation from a trusted Idaho accident attorney.
  • Inexperienced drivers and recreational videos like Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) accidents can result in devastating injuries.  What would recreation be without golf carts, dune buggies and snowmobiles? Injuries happen on all of these types of vehicles and you’ll be happy to know there is a lot of insurance options to explore to ensure your medical bills are paid and you’re compensated for pain and suffering.
  • The Gem State is home to many lakes and rivers, so boats and Jet Skis are prevalent. Passengers can seek a qualified personal injury attorney in Boise if a boat or jet ski collision happens.

How Can the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me Help?

When Skaug Law is on the case, injured passengers – like yourself – receive invaluable representation. We’re empathetic and understand that it’s even more complicated when you’re going through a personal injury case due to someone else’s negligence. We will be here to guide you through the entire process.

Idaho Passenger Injuries FAQ

Q: What can I do if I get whiplash as a passenger in an accident?

A: As whiplash is a condition that may not be immediately evident, injured passengers should always seek prompt medical attention after an accident. Whiplash can occur even in minor accidents, so a thorough examination by a medical professional can prove specific injuries were caused as a direct result of the accident.

Medical records provide an accurate timeline and can help a rideshare accident attorney file a successful claim. Working with an established Nampa car accident lawyer can provide a way for whiplash victims to understand their rights. A proficient car accident attorney can build a case so clients can receive ample compensation.

Q: Who is typically at fault for an airplane accident?

A: Without a thorough investigation, it is difficult to positively identify the definitive reason for an aircraft crash. There are numerous factors involved that usually fall under three main categories.

  • Equipment Failure. Defective parts or improper maintenance can be the culprits of a crash.
  • Human Error. The pilot may have not taken off or landed correctly. Route planning miscalculations or bird strike aversions could have happened. A miscommunication may have occurred between the pilot and air traffic control. Insufficient fueling and overloading could also be to blame.
  • Unexpected Event. An unpredictable weather shift, unanticipated debris or other unforeseen issue can cause an accident.

Less common than automobile accidents, aircraft crashes have the potential to be catastrophic. If a commercial airline is involved, a corporate investigation will most likely be launched. A car accident attorney who represents injured parties will also seek to find the cause of the crash so passengers can be compensated appropriately. Situations like these call for the best personal injury lawyer near me.

Q: Why should I personally contact the best personal injury lawyer near me after an airplane accident?

A: Attorneys are not allowed to contact airplane accident victims to elicit business for 45 days following the crash. Injured passengers and families of victims are not bound by the same protocol; they can reach out to a car accident attorney at any time.

Taking the proactive approach by consulting a Nampa car accident lawyer after an aircraft accident is a prudent idea. Why spend extra time and effort preparing a case? The payoff; victims’ successful compensation claims.

Q: Who is at fault for a boating accident?

A: A boat driver’s negligence may be partially to blame for an accident. Passengers involved in watercraft accidents need an experienced car accident attorney. Determining liability can fall into a gray area, especially when considering the following concerns.

  • Were there enough life jackets on board during the accident? Vessels should contain at least one Coast Guard-approved life preserver for each person aboard.
  • Were kids protected? Children ages 14 and under must wear life jackets while on board.
  • Were safety rules enforced? Passengers could have been riding on illegal sitting areas during the boat’s operation; further inspection may be necessary.
  • Were sobriety tests administered immediately after the accident? Passengers, driver and/or crew may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.
  • Was captain’s boating licensing current? Does the driver have a Boater Education Certificate? The person driving the boat could be inexperienced, unlicensed and unsafe.

Q: Who is usually at fault in a bus accident?

A: Depending on the circumstances of the specific incident, there are various parties who may be responsible for a bus accident.

  • Bus Driver. Operator of the bus.
  • Driver(s). Anyone driving a vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Bus Company. The business name the bus makes a profit for or the city in which the bus operates.
  • The corporation that constructed the bus.
  • Person in supervisory capacity who devised the route in question.

As there are so many plaintiffs potentially involved in a single bus crash, it makes sense to search for the best personal injury lawyer near me. Have the case assessed by a Nampa car accident lawyer promptly after an accident.

Q: How is a bus accident different than a car accident?

A: A main difference occurs when the vehicle involved is a city bus, meaning it is part of a government institution. While ordinary personal injury cases allot a two-year deadline to file a claim, government agencies allow only 180 days. The clock begins ticking as soon as passengers are injured in a government bus accident.

Another difference concerns specific guidelines that must be followed when filing a claim against a government employee or entity. Such red tape is easily handled by an experienced Nampa car accident lawyer.

passenger injury in a motorcycle side car

Q: Who is usually at fault in an accident involving a motorcycle with a sidecar?

A: The answer to this question varies with each motorcycle crash. Here are some numbers that can shed light on this tricky subject.

  • Nearly half of accidents concerning a motorcycle with a sidecar do not involve another vehicle.
  • Deaths in motorcycle-related accidents are about 26 times as common per mile as compared to car accidents.
  • Speeding is implicated in roughly one out of three accidents involving a motorcycle with a sidecar.

When a sidecar is used alongside a motorcycle, the driver’s balance shifts. This variant can prove dangerous for both the driver and passenger, especially for those inexperienced with motorcycles.

Even though health should be a priority, suffering an injury as a sidecar passenger can become awkward when the driver is a friend. Note that a rideshare accident attorney generally files a claim against the driver’s insurance, not against the driver. These waters can become murky to navigate through without the assistance of the best personal injury lawyer near me.

Q: How is a train accident different from other vehicle accidents?

A: One of the main differences is that there tends to be many more injured parties in a train crash. Damages to both life and property can be extensive, given a train’s size, weight and potential speed.

As train companies and transit authorities generally want to avoid the bad publicity a lawsuit brings, many train accidents are often settled outside of court thanks in part to a rideshare accident attorney. Although a jury could possibly grant a larger compensatory award, a Nampa car accident lawyer could expedite a settlement without long court battles.

Q: Is it possible to get adequately compensated after a train accident?

A: Certain laws may limit a train corporation’s total liability based on a specific train accident covering all accident victims. The limit for all liability claims against a railway is $200 million for the entire accident.

It can take time for a Nampa car accident lawyer to file a claim. Railway accident victims may suffer debilitating injuries and need rightful compensation to aid recovery; it’s important to contact a rideshare accident attorney right away.

Q: What’s the difference between a car accident and a UTV accident?

A: Similarities exist in vehicular accident laws regardless of whether collisions involve UTVs, ATVs or automobiles. UTV drivers should have proof of insurance, just like regular drivers. Such policies are usually independent of one another so a UTV driver charged with an accident may not be covered if only carrying car insurance.

If a passenger sustains injuries while riding in an ATV or UTV, a car accident attorney typically files a claim against the insurance of the driver responsible for causing the accident

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