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Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Last updated Thursday, March 24th, 2022

Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents of any kind can be scary. But an accident with a semi-truck can be a real nightmare. Your life can change in a second!

Destruction follows tractor-trailer collisions. Big rigs are much larger than regular cars. An impact can be devastating. You may have reason to feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck.

Were you or a loved one hurt in a truck accident? Injuries sustained in a truck crash can be serious – deadly serious. But this dark cloud of disaster could have a silver lining – Skaug Law. We do our best to get you rightfully compensated.

Our hardworking team members have the resources and experience you need! When you’ve suffered in this type of crash, a qualified Boise truck accident attorney is a must. Our reviews show how we measure up.

Five Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Time is a luxury you can’t afford after getting into a truck accident. The sooner you schedule a meet and greet with a reputable truck accident attorney, the sooner you can get on with your life.

Trucking Companies and Trucks are Much Larger Than Your Vehicle

Tractor-trailers are no match for cars, let alone motorcycles or bicycles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers insight. Here’s how semis stack up against passenger vehicles:

  • Driving Differences. Many people can drive a car. It takes a higher degree of skill to steer, stop and accelerate in a tractor-trailer.
  • Elevation. Mountains and hills can be dodgy for 18-wheelers. Drivers can’t just step on the gas to go faster. Going downhill gets even dicier as these big trucks gain speed quickly.
  • High Ground Clearance. Ponies could play in the area between a semi-truck’s chassis and the road. Passenger autos can get forced into this gap.
  • Risk. The size and mass of commercial motor vehicles ups the accident ante. The severity of injuries increases. Loss of life is also more likely.
  • Trailer Height. Balance distribution is higher, making trucks more prone to rollovers. Taller vehicles can whoosh right by, causing cars to swerve into other lanes.
  • Weight. Tractor-trailers can outweigh cars by as much as 30 times.

As big as trucks are, trucking companies are bigger. Some of these major corporations have deep pockets. Money is spent on top legal teams. Don’t expect a fair settlement. Protecting (not sharing) company assets is the intent, even if you’re entitled.

Looking for Compensation? Trucking Companies May not Give You What You Deserve

A settlement offer is presented. All you have to do is sign. Accepting could seem like the easy choice. Trucking companies bank on this outcome.

What’s offered may seem like a fat wad of cash. Fast forward 15 years. That settlement piggy bank may be empty. You can’t work because of your injuries. And the worst part? Nothing can be done at this stage.

Insurance companies want to give you the least amount of money possible. These firms look out for trucking companies – not you.

Be your own best friend before it’s too late! Even if you want to accept an initial settlement, consult a truck accident lawyer first! Getting professional advice could pay off in spades. You need someone on your side protecting your interest.

Have Peace of Mind in not Claiming Fault

Insurance companies or lawyers may begin contacting you after a serious truck accident. Dodging these guys may work for a while. Then the hounding may start. This relentless pursuit serves three main purposes:

  1. Capture you on the phone. You might be able to avoid unknown numbers most of the time. There could come a time when you answer the phone automatically.
  2. Catch you when you’re in a rush. The claws can come out when you’re distracted. Insurance adjusters are trained in how to sound patient while asking for ‘just a moment of your time.’
  3. Get you to say something that can be used against you. Seemingly innocent questions may be asked. Answering is not a good idea. Responses can be twisted to incriminate you.

Callers have a job to do; they don’t mind if they drive you crazy doing it. A truck accident attorney can deal with these pesky pursuers for you. Here’s all you have to say before hanging up:

“If you have any questions, you can call my attorney at (208) 466-0030.”

Legal Tip: Many adjusters and lawyers will advise you before attempting to record your conversation. Refuse to speak with an associate while being recorded.

A Truck Accident Attorney can get You Compensation Beyond Medical Bills

Taking care of your physical health is only one way a lawyer can help. There are two main types of damages that may be awarded.

  • Compensatory. This type of damages aims to cover the money you’ve lost due to an accident. There are two kinds of compensatory damages:
    • Economic. These damages are usually easier to establish. Concrete evidence is available, such as receipts.
      • Costs for damaged property (vehicles, real estate, personal items inside auto during crash)
      • Loss of wages when injuries prevent you from working regular hours
      • Medical bills for surgeries, therapy, recurring care and hospital stays
    • Non-economic. This type of damage is open to interpretation so proving can be more difficult.
      • Emotional distress
      • Inconvenience
      • Loss of consortium (death or serious injury of a loved one)
      • Loss of enjoyment of life
      • Pain and suffering (disfigurement, disability, impairment and/or making pre-existing conditions worse)
  • Punitive. Unlike the first two, this type of penalty is awarded to punish defendants. Exemplary damages help make an example out of negligent drivers in the hopes others will get the message.
    • Driving under the influence
    • Driving with extreme recklessness (playing chicken, racing or traveling at ridiculously high speeds)
    • Operating truck that driver knows is defective

Can anyone file a truck accident claim?

Yes. Should anyone? Absolutely not! This same logic could argue that technically anyone could play guitar. Who would you rather listen to? Someone who just strums along or an artist who’s spent years perfecting his craft?

A lawyer with a long list of successful case results can get you the award you deserve. Attorneys at Skaug Law specialize in truck accident cases. Let us win for you!

There May be More Defendants Than the Trucking Company

When you’re in a tractor-trailer accident, there could be more than just one party at fault. Possible defendants may be the:

  • Cargo Loaders and/or Owners
  • Dispatching Company
  • Driver(s)
  • Government Entity That Keeps Roads Passable
  • Semi-truck Producer
  • Truck Parts Manufacturer
  • Trucking Company

How do you know who to file a claim against? Where do you even begin? Being in a serious truck accident is enough of a hassle. Why worry with all the details of filing a personal injury claim? Hire a legal professional. Breathe that much-needed sigh of relief.

Retaining a truck accident attorney is the easiest way to get well compensated. This one action can save you frustration, put money in your pocket and let you get back to living.

Skaug Law does detective work on your behalf. We investigate. Facts are brought to life. We’re not intimidated by huge trucking companies. Liable parties can’t hide the truth from us. When you hire us, we work for you. Time and again, we get results.