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FedEx Truck Accident Statistics

Last updated Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

FedEx Truck Accident Statistics

More than three billion packages were delivered in 2021. Who was responsible for this feat? FedEx Ground, a sector of Federal Express Corporation (FedEx). This transporting titan gets things where they need to go, but at what cost?

FedEx drivers were in 405 accidents. This alarming two-year figure began in early December 2019. Ten crashes caused fatalities. Injuries occurred in 159 of these collisions. Towing for at least one vehicle was necessary in 236 accidents.

A billion-plus miles are traveled on a yearly basis by the 42,000 drivers employed by FedEx. Such numbers are staggering. Now add these figures to the fact that there are already some two million semi-trucks on U.S. roads. It’s congested out there… and dangerous.

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What Type of Vehicles Does FedEx Have on the Road?

FedEx trucks are a familiar sight on highways, back roads, rural routes and residential streets. This company’s fleet of 30,000-plus vehicles is geared for interstate travel. FedEx can easily make tracks from its hub in Memphis, Tennessee.

Types of FedEx vehicles include:

  • Straight Trucks. Although they may look like tractor-trailers, these trucks are different. A trailer can detach from a tractor but not on these vehicles. The cargo space and cab area share a frame.
  • Trailers. These rectangle-shaped containers are pulled behind tractors. Shipments are stored inside. Tractors can haul one regular-size trailer or up to three smaller trailers.
  • Truck Tractors. Used to haul trailers, these powerful vehicles come to work. The cab and diesel engine are housed here. Not as heavy as an entire big rig, these vehicles can still weigh 20,000-plus pounds.
  • Vans. Step vans are larger delivery vehicles with sliding driver’s side doors. These commercial motor vehicles may also be called multi-stop trucks. Sleeker cargo vans also transport FedEx shipments.

Are FedEx Drivers Safe?

Between late September 2017 and the same time in 2019 there were 267 FedEx driver safety violations. Careless and reckless behaviors were the most serious issues. Traveling at excessive speeds, driving while distracted and failing to yield were listed as offenses.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) investigated FedEx drivers and vehicles during the same timeframe. Thirty Hours of Service (HOS) violations were documented. No instance of driving under the influence was discovered.

Of the 2,265 inspections, 525 violations were recorded. None of these problems were listed as critical. Loads weren’t properly secured, brakes were in disrepair and vehicle hoods weren’t locked into position.

There were 53 driver violations identified out of 3,010. Some of these minor infractions involved driving without proper endorsements or licensing.

Drumroll please… these stats make FedEx safer than many trucking companies. But there’s certainly room for improvement.

Have You Been in an Accident With a FedEx Truck?

Having a run-in with one of these vehicles can be a hassle. Your car may be damaged. You may not be able to earn a living. You may be inconvenienced. And worst of all- you or a loved one may have sustained serious injuries.

There may be no magic wand, but a truck accident attorney is the next best thing! You need someone on your side who knows this industry. Federal and state regulations can be difficult to understand.

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What to do if You’ve Been in an Accident With a FedEx Truck?

There’s no good way to get into an accident. However, if you’re prepared, controlling the damage can be easier. Completing the following steps can help you’re hit by a FedEx vehicle.

  1. Alert first responders. Get to a safe location. Call 911. Give details about number of vehicles and people involved as best you can.
  2. Get proper medical attention. A medical professional should examine you as soon as possible. The same goes for your passengers who may need assistance, especially those who are very young or old.
  3. Gather truck intel. Note the vehicle tag number. Ask to get truck’s delivery number. Request driver’s name and contact information.
  4. Locate witnesses. Safely look for anyone who may have witnessed what happened. Ask around. Jot down contact information of any potential witnesses.
  5. Snap some shots. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the scene. Take plenty of photos from various angles. Record vehicle damage, roads, license plates and injuries.
  6. Answer questions. Use as few words as possible when speaking with law enforcement officers. Don’t even think about blaming yourself, especially out loud.
  7. Don’t give a recorded statement. Official recorded statements should happen AFTER you’re working with an attorney to be sure you understand how to handle this.
  8. Retain an experienced truck accident lawyer. The importance of this step can’t be understated. Sound representation can mean getting your life back.

What are Potential Injuries From a FedEx Truck Accident?

FedEx stays in business because they stick to a schedule. Even when things go south, drivers try to make up time. All this rushing around leads to unnecessary crashes. Injuries from these types of accidents can include:

  • Airbag Injuries
  • Back and/or Neck Injuries
  • Broken Bones, Fractures and Sprains
  • Burns
  • Concussions
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal Wounds and/or Bleeding
  • Permanent Disability
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Scrapes, Lacerations and/or Bruising
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

Every bullet point is another reason to hire the best personal injury attorney. These injuries are downright scary. Having them happen to you is even scarier.

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