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A Dog Bite Lawyer knows Idaho Dog Bite Laws – Do you?

Updated May 2021 

Any Dog Bite Lawyer will tell you that owning a dog means accepting tremendous responsibilities. This includes a responsibility to not just care for the animal but also to protect others from the actions of your dog. Idaho law states that owners are responsible for the actions of their animals that result in any personal injury.

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Responsibility Of A Dog Owner

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their pet’s behavior. Some owners may allow their animals to run wild and do not keep them properly restrained when out in public. Whenever these animals cause an injury to a person, the owner is responsible.

Injuries can be caused by biting, being knocked down, or even being forced to run to escape an attack. At-fault dog owners are required to provide compensation for all of your injuries and losses. Even if the dog has no history of attacking another individual, you are still able to pursue a claim against the dog owner.

A dog bite lawyer can help you if you have suffered an injury caused by another person’s dog.

You can get help training your dog if you feel they might be more aggressive than you would like through the animal behavior college in Idaho here:

The Idaho Humane Society also offers a range of dog training classes to help bring out the full potential of your canine companion.

These classes utilize positive reinforcement methods and allow you to teach your dog in an enjoyable, rewarding manner. We focus on building a strong foundation of skills that will help you and your dog navigate a variety of environments. They have entry-level class options for puppies, adult dogs with little or no training, and reactive or shy dogs. Advanced level classes are available for continuing education. For those with difficult schedules or who are experiencing behavior problems with their pup, they also offer private lessons catered exactly to you and your dog’s needs. Their goal is to teach you to communicate effectively with your dog and learn the skills to have an enriching and happy life together!

Adult dogs must be current on rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations in order to attend classes or lessons at IHS. Puppies must receive two distemper/parvo vaccinations prior to attending the first class and show continuing vaccination updates as appropriate during the six weeks that classes are held.

If you are experiencing behavior problems with your pet and would like to speak with one of their certified trainers about resources and solutions, please email Vanessa Grenier at

Dog Bite Lawyer FAQs

Idaho Dog Bite Laws

Dog Bites Laws In Nampa

According to Idaho Statute 25-2810 (10), any owner or controller of a dog can be considered liable, regardless of the dog’s past, if their animal injures an individual.

The animal owner may try to argue you were partially responsible for the accident. They may argue you were taunting the animal, or the animal attacked to defend its owner, or you were trespassing on their property.

The statute states dog owners are not liable for attacks against trespassers.

Our dog bite lawyer can help injured individuals understand Idaho’s dog bite laws and how liability can affect their case.

Potential Effects Of Dog Bites

Dog bites can inflict serious injuries. Even if these wounds fully heal, they may leave scars and require weeks or months of rehabilitation.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog or attacked by another animal, you may be eligible to seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and suffering

Finally, dog injury cases do not solely include animal bites. For example, incidents of being knocked down or an injury from having to run from a charging dog may place liability on an owner.

A Nampa dog bite lawyer can help plaintiffs evaluate their injuries and demand appropriate compensation.

Find The Right Dog Bite Lawyer to address your injuries:

The best way to handle a dog bite injury claim or settlement dispute is to get an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Contacting a lawyer sooner rather than later is the best way to ensure you get the assistance you deserve.

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