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What is the value of my car accident case?

Last updated Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Calculating a car accident settlement is a crucial part of a case.

A lawyer will look at the injuries the injured person sustained and the effects they had on the person’s life.

This may include consulting with experts including doctors and financial advisers to better illustrate how the accident affected a person.

Additionally, they will look at how the accident happened and who was at fault.

They will then show this evidence to the defense and make an argument for fair compensation.

A dedicated car accident attorney from Skaug Law can help you fight for a fair settlement.

This can help you make sure you have the resources you need to recover from your injuries.

Who Determines a Car Accident Settlement Amount?

At Skaug Law, the client determines the amount of the settlement.

With the help of their attorney, the injured individual decides what demands to make.

The insurance company will usually take a deposition from the injured person.

The injured person, with their own attorney at their side, answers questions from the insurance attorney.

After the deposition, the defense attorney will make a recommendation to the insurance company about how much the insurance company is at risk at trial.

The defense attorney will also make a recommendation of how little they think they can get away with paying the injured person.

If the injury victim has a strong attorney, the defense attorney will place a higher value on the case.

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Calculating Damages in Nampa

The settlement is based on many factors including medical bills, how long the person was off work, the violence of the motor vehicle collision, and how it affected the victims emotionally and mentally.

They will also look at whether they have a permanent injury such as scarring, a weak back, or a weak knee or shoulder.

A car accident attorney at Skaug Law can help determine the value of a settlement by fairly investigating how the injuries affected the person, by being in communication with the injured person’s physicians, and by asking the right questions of the physicians to maximize the compensation.

The percentage of negligence on the part of the defendant driver plays a role in determining the settlement amount.

The percentage of fault on the part of the injured party will also play a role in determining the settlement amount.

This is because a jury can decide a percentage of the settlement amount or trial verdict amount is reduced by the injured person’s negligence.

How an Attorney Can Help With Calculating Nampa Car Accident Settlements

When considering a settlement, an injured person should take into account their likelihood of winning more or less at trial.

A Skaug Law car accident attorney can significantly help an injured person.

The lawyer can guide them through the entire process, documenting their medical care and damages so they can maximize their return on a settlement or a verdict.

To learn more about calculating a car accident claim value and how we can help, call us today for a free consultation.