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Be Alert for Elder Abuse

Last updated Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Be Alert for Elder Abuse

If you have placed an elderly relative in a nursing home, you probably thought he/she would be guaranteed the proper care and protection. However, many elders are abused both in homes and in facilities responsible for their care.

As a person grows older, they may become less aware of disrespect toward them. Their ability to stand up for themselves may also be compromised. That’s where your job comes in. Speak up and protect those who are unable to do so themselves.

Nursing home abuse can involve dehydration, malnutrition, falls, wandering away, physical and sexual assault, bed sores, improper medication, and emotional abuse by staff or other residents.

Physical abuse

If you are aware of a situation where an elder was abused in a non-accidental use of force, causing pain, injury or impairment–seek help for them immediately. This type of abuse can involve the inappropriate use of drugs, restraint or confinement.

<h3″>Emotional abuse

Unfortunately, there are people who have no problem with psychological harming and manipulating elders. This involves humiliation, ridicule, yelling or blaming. Emotional abuse can be through a lack of action as well — ignoring the elderly person, isolating them or menacing them.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse of the elderly means contact without consent. Any forced sexual activities should be dealt with immediately.


Caregivers can show a lack of care by not fulfilling a nursing home obligation or intentionally or nonintentionally ignoring the proper steps of nursing home care.

Financial abuse

Those who seek to misuse or exploit an elderly’s finances will resort to stealing cash, income checks, or household items. They could misuse credit cards, checks or accounts and even forge the elder’s signature.

Make sure those caring for the elderly are held accountable for any abuse. Contact us to get in touch with an abuse attorney.