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In Idaho, SkaugLaw has been a winning attorney for decades. We have successfully handled motor vehicle accident cases, Workers’ Compensation cases, wrongful death cases, and many different types of personal injury and fatality cases in Idaho.

Our firm has consistently won settlements for our clients and their families. We have an experienced team of lawyers who are well-versed in the insurance industry, and we will ensure that you receive the full compensation for your injury that you are entitled to under the law. While we will make every effort to resolve your case outside of court, if we need to, we will litigate it. We never represent the parties at fault but only defend those people who were hurt in personal injury cases.

You may be afraid you won’t be able to

  • Pay your bills.
  • Get the medical help you need.
  • Get back to work.

With the right attorney, you should be able to pay off your bills, receive excellent medical care and MAXIMUM compensation.

You should get justice for your injuries and losses and GET YOUR LIFE BACK.

Skaug Law clients find peace again.

Having the right injury lawyer means better results for you.

A National Insurance Council study found injury victims with lawyers received on average 2.5 times more money in their pocket, after attorney fees than people who did not hire a lawyer.

The good news is you can afford an attorney.

At Skaug Law, charges are settled at the end of your case. You only pay attorney fees when you win.

Our clients rest easy knowing we are dealing with the insurance companies, finding better medical care, meeting legal deadlines, submitting documents and building a winning case.