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    After an injury, you want to recover all of your losses.

    The last thing you need is a fight with a stubborn insurance company.

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    What a headache!

    Injuries not only damage your body.

    They also hit your wallet.

    Injury victims risk losing
    the medical care and money
    they need to recover
    because insurance companies
    don’t like to pay out claims.

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    Skaug Law helps people win justice
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    Our clients win
    maximum money and benefits
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    Loved the way I was treated.
    Christina Presley
    I'm extremely grateful.
    Abagail Heikes
    So much care and compassion.
    Danny Shumate
    Very easy to work with.
    Beverly Broomfield
    The outcome far exceeded any expectations.
    Alice Baldazo
    Thank God for Skaug Law
    Miguel Amaya
    Always friendly. Even when I called 100 times a day.
    Christina Presley
    I highly recommend.
    Dagoberto Martinez
    Great communication.
    Katarynna Boschma
    Treated me with respect.
    Tamare Redifer
    The kindness you extended to me was second to none.
    Rochelle Rauscher
    Very thorough.
    Maryann Abrego
    Joyce Harris
    I didn't have to worry about anything.
    Juana Perez
    Profesionalismo, exactitud y muy amigables.
    Raquelina Santoyo
    A joy working with you.
    Lydia Muoki
    Very friendly and concerned.
    Ian Shafer
    It's been a pleasure.
    James Medina
    Positivity surrounds Mr. Skaug.
    Andrew Bentley
    You guys rock!
    Jamie Parker

    But wait. A lawyer is just going to take a percentage of my recovery. Why should I share it?

    Having the right attorney means better results for you.

    A National Insurance Council study found injury victims with lawyers received on average 3.5 times more money in their pockets (after attorney fees) than people who did not hire a lawyer.

    For this reason the insurance adjuster may say to you, “We don’t need to bring lawyers into this. Can’t we work this out together?”

    People who want maximum compensation trust Skaug Law.

    Our clients rest easy knowing we are-

    • dealing with the insurance companies.
    • investigating for the best outcome.
    • gathering evidence for maximum compensation.
    • meeting legal deadlines and handling all of the paperwork.
    • building a winning case.

    If I call will I be pressured to make a decision?

    No. Your free initial consultation gives you the opportunity to have your questions answered and know what your legal options are.

    There is no obligation. We will not pressure you. We are attorneys, not salesmen.

    What if I can’t afford an attorney?

    You can. Charges are settled at the end of your case. You only pay attorney fees when you win.

    We will take no payments up front and we will take no fee unless you win your case.

    Does it really matter which attorney I choose?

    Insurance companies know which law firms are pushovers and which are not. If you don’t have an attorney who can stand up to big insurance, you stand to lose.

    Skaug Law has won some of the largest injury compensation cases in Idaho history. We have the staff, resources, and experience to take on big insurance. Our clients win.

    We are also Idaho’s largest workers’ compensation injury law firm.

    One of our clients, Inocencio Fernandez, said this–

    “I went through three lawyers before hiring Bruce Skaug for my work comp case. The first got me no offer of settlement.

    “The second got an offer of $40,000 and insisted I take it. I fired him. The insurance company lowered their offer to $25,000.

    “Finally, I hired Bruce and he won a settlement of $135,000 and open medical care for the rest of my life. The lawyer you hire does make a difference.”

    Skaug offices
    The Skaug Law offices serving Idaho and eastern Oregon since 1992.
    Bruce Skaug
    Bruce D. Skaug, Managing Attorney

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