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Results Case History

Skaug Law attorneys are committed to secure compensation and settlements for personal injury, safety, and workers’ compensation victims.

Our lawyers have nearly 120 years of collective litigation experience, and many of them are recognized as Prominent Lawyers of Idaho.

If you get injured or badly damage your vehicle in an accident, you can always trust our lawyers to fight for the settlement you are entitled to.

We have represented clients in a variety of practice areas, including car accidents, injury, brain injury, drug injury, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, elder abuse, disability matters, spinal cord injuries, pedestrian injuries, truck accident cases, workers’ compensation and wrongful death.

The driver of a car didn’t see one of our biker clients and made a left turn right into him. Seriously injured, our biker client’s medical bills grew to just under $1,000,000! But the car driver only had $50,000 insurance coverage and our biker had no insurance. His Idaho Biker Lawyer was able to settle his case, eliminate the medical bills and the biker was walked away with settlement money in his pocket.