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Wrongful Death

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Nothing can make up for your loss.

Dessa lost her husband in a car crash when she was a young mother. All of the responsibilities of raising her family and maintaining the household fell on Dessa. Their little toddler didn’t understand why Daddy wasn’t coming home again. Daddy would also never know the child he and Dessa were expecting.

“Bruce Skaug help me win a generous settlement that is helping my kids’ futures,” said Dessa. “I trust Skaug Law. They really came through for me. And they’re wonderful friends.”

Although financial compensation can never replace the relationship you lost, it may help you feel some justice has been done.

By bringing a wrongful death lawsuit, you raise awareness and hold accountable those who were negligent. 

You also help to make it safe for the next person and spare the next family the heartache of losing their loved one.

Trusted legal services to families of wrongful death victims.

Your Skaug Law attorney will carefully listen to your concerns, provide you with honest advice and help you receive justice. 

Our experienced attorneys help you win maximum compensation for the all of the damages you have suffered, not just those easily tabulated.

You may be entitled to restitution for lost income, medical costs and loss of love and companionship.

Often we counsel clients to use some of the compensation money to start a scholarship in the name of their lost family member, fund a memorial or do something meaningful with the money to honor their loved one. 

This can be a great source of healing and comfort.

You can win maximum justice for your loss.

Your Skaug Law attorney will guide you through every step and will find every available insurance source to pay for your damages.

You pay nothing up front and only when we win your case. 

There is no cost to speak to a Skaug Law attorney to get advice on your case and understand your legal options.

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