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Hurt On the Job

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Among now practicing Idaho law firms, Skaug Law won the largest amount of money for a work comp injury recovery in state history.

If you are injured while working, you are taking great risks if you move forward without professional help.

Your opponent, the insurance company, has lawyers protecting their interests.

You need the same protection.

Insurance companies and adjusters use many tactics to limit their liability in workers’ compensation cases.

Some use their own doctors to return injured people to full work duty too early, so the insurance company does not have to pay for more treatment.

Whether you are dealing with a difficult employer, a tricky insurance company, or an at-fault third party, our experience will help you win maximum money.

Don’t miss your work injury deadlines.

In Idaho, there are time limits for reporting and filing work injury claims. Call or chat now to find out how you can meet the deadlines and receive maximum compensation.

Workers’ compensation laws differ in every state. Skaug Law has extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured workers throughout Idaho.

You can win maximum money for your injury and losses.

Your Skaug Law attorney will guide you through every step and will find every available insurance source to pay for your damages.

You pay nothing up front and only when we win your case. 

There is no cost to speak to a Skaug Law attorney to get advice on your case and understand your legal options.

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