Nampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

We take nursing home injuries personally. It is the saddest commentary on our modern society: Senior citizens are often treated with disrespect when they enter an assisted living facility for long-term health care.

At Skaug Law, we take elder abuse and nursing home neglect personally. The great-grandmother of our managing attorney suffered injuries as a victim of nursing home abuse.

Our Nampa nursing home abuse lawyers litigate aggressively against Boise nursing homes and assisted living facilities that fail to respect the rights of our most vulnerable citizens. Let our injury attorneys help you make sure the elder abuse and negligence stop.

Hiring a Nampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Our Nampa nursing home abuse attorneys represent people who have suffered elder care neglect injuries such as:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Falls
  • Wandering away
  • Physical and sexual assault
  • Bed sores
  • Improper medication
  • Emotional abuse by staff or residents

Skaug Law has the experience, skills and resources to fight effectively against the big insurance companies that provide coverage to nursing homes.

You can win maximum justice for nursing home abuse.

Filing a Nampa Injury Claim

Your Skaug Law attorney will guide you through every step and will find every available insurance source to pay for your damages. Your Nampa nursing home abuse attorney will also work with local prosecutors to bring the molester to justice.

You pay nothing up front and only when we win your case. 

There is no cost to speak to a Skaug Law attorney to get advice on your case and understand your legal options.