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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Nampa

Following a motorcycle crash, there are a few essential steps a person should take.

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, the first thing one should do is get the medical treatment they need.

If they are able, they should take photographs of the scene, and get information about the driver who caused the accident.

It is recommended people to use your phone camera to document damage to your motorcycle, take photos of your injuries and the other driver’s license and insurance information.

After receiving medical treatment, an accident victim should contact their insurance company.

But when talking with the insurance company, people should understand their company can become their opponent in winning maximum compensation for the accident.

Insurance companies answer to their stockholders, and investors make less money when insurance companies pay out claims.

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Speaking to Insurance Companies

After the person receives the appropriate medical care, they need to contact their motorcycle insurance company to notify them of the accident, usually within 24 hours if possible.

It’s important to consult a lawyer quickly because there are do’s and don’ts people should know to protect their rights and receive maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

The attorney will do a proper investigation into the accident to make sure the driver who caused the accident takes full blame rather than the motorcyclist taking partial blame.

A person involved in a motorcycle accident should not give any statements, especially recorded statements, to an insurance company representative until they speak with an attorney to understand their rights.

They should not sign any papers or releases with an insurance company until they talk to an experienced injury attorney.

It is a good idea to keep records and receipts, a copy of the police report for the collision, and save the receipts for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury and loss of the use of the motorcycle.

Injured victims need to keep all the medical bills or collection notices and keep track of their time away from work because of their injuries.

What If I Do Not Have Insurance? 

If one is uninsured and operating a motorcycle in Idaho, they might be entitled to compensation from the person who hit them.

The injury victim should contact a seasoned motorbike collision attorney immediately to get answers to all of their questions.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Insurance company surveys indicate that, on average, people pocket two and a half times more when they hire an experienced attorney for a personal injury case.

An experienced biker lawyer could help you by taking the stress of the legal system off of your shoulders and by helping you win maximum money.

As soon as a person receives their initial medical treatment, they should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney that handles motorcycle accidents.

If someone is in a motorcycle accident, they should talk to a biker lawyer immediately. The initial consultation is free.

An experienced biker lawyer will explain the legal options available and the potential value of the case.

We are paid when you win.

The injured party pays nothing upfront and only pays lawyer fees when they win their case.

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