Filing Insurance Claims Following a Nampa Motorcycle Accident

Filing Insurance Claims Following a Nampa Motorcycle Accident

Having adequate insurance is not expensive compared to the risk of getting into a severe accident on a bike.

When someone is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, they can be comforted knowing they purchased good insurance coverage and their medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering are covered with the help of a good lawyer, and a lawsuit, if necessary.

Unfortunately, some people settle for the cheapest insurance possible and end up with no money even though someone else caused the accident.

Sometimes, the person’s own insurance company will raise their rates a bit for liability coverage after they are involved in a motorcycle accident.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the reckless party that caused the crash should be held liable for damages.

Following a motorbike crash, reach out to a Skaug Law motorcycle accident attorney.

An experienced Idaho biker lawyer could help you with filing insurance claims following a Nampa motorcycle accident.

What is UM and UIM Coverage?

If a person has an insurance agent who does not offer Med-Pay on a policy, they should find a different insurance agent.

Med-Pay covers medical bills regardless of who is at fault up to the amount of coverage the individual purchased.

In Nampa, a motorcyclist is required to have a minimum of $25,000 liability coverage for anyone who may be hurt if they cause an accident.

The amount of underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) and uninsured motorist coverage (UM) depends on what a person is able to afford.

A serious biker should have a half-million to $1 million-coverage.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

Every motorcyclist should have uninsured motorist coverage.

With underinsured motorist coverage, it is important to have a high amount of coverage.

In some parts of Idaho, more than 25 percent of the drivers on the road are uninsured.

This means there is a one-in-four chance that the driver who hits someone on a motorcycle has no insurance and no money to pay the motorcycle injury victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

That is why it is so important to have a high amount of uninsured motorist coverage.

Speak to an attorney about filing insurance claims following a Nampa motorcycle accident.

Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage?

Underinsured motorist coverage on a bike is also important.

More than 50 percent of people in parts of Idaho are underinsured.

A driver can legally drive with only $25,000 of liability coverage.

Suppose they hit a motorcyclist resulting in $50,000 in medical bills, $50,000 in wage loss, and $10,000 in motorcycle replacement or repair.

Unless the motorcyclist has underinsured motorist coverage, they will receive only $25,000 and be left with $85,000 in bills and losses.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help them go after their own insurance company for the rest of the money, but it is safest to have at least $500,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.

It is the best insurance a biker can buy.

Impact of a Hit And Run

When hit-and-run accidents occur to a motorcyclist, their uninsured motorist coverage kicks in.

It is important to get a biker accident attorney immediately on a hit-and-run accident because there are nuances in insurance policies that sometimes allow the insurance company to get away without payment.

If a motorcyclist is forced off the road by a bad driver and the driver flees the scene, there is an argument for uninsured motorist coverage on the motorcyclist’s own policy to cover for wage loss, pain and suffering, and medical bills.

It depends on the language of the policy.

It is best to contact an attorney right away when one suffers an injury as a result of being forced off the road.

Seek Help From a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you were involved in a motorbike collision, let an Idaho biker lawyer help your case.

With the help of a Skaug Law motorcycle accident attorney, you may be able to seek compensation for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and expenses as a result of the accident.

They may also win compensation for future medical bills for many years or future medical care for life.

Call today to learn more filing insurance claims following a Nampa motorcycle accident.