Process of a Nampa Car Accident Settlement | Filing a Case

Process of an Accident Settlement

The process of a Nampa car accident settlement depends largely on the specific case.

However, regardless of the case, it is important to have a dedicated car accident lawyer guide you through the process.

An attorney from Skaug Law can help you get full and fair compensation for your injuries.

The Timeframe of Receiving a Settlement

The timeframe From the moment of an injury to reaching a settlement or verdict varies greatly.

A victim must first recover medically before they can file and settle a claim.

Settlement negotiations can also take time.

If the case goes to trial, there may be a wait to get the case before a judge and jury.

Many times an injury lawyer cannot settle a case for a fair amount until they show the insurance company they are willing to go to trial.

Once the injury attorney files a complaint, showing they are intending to go to trial, the defense takes them more seriously and is likely to raise the amount of money they will pay for a settlement.

The process can be sped up by the injured person making all of their medical appointments and working hard to heal quickly.

Also, an injured person can expedite a favorable settlement on their case by making sure their attorney has all information about the damages they received because of the accident.

Issues that May Arise in a Car Accident Case

When negotiating a settlement, an insurance company adjuster or defense attorney may claim the accident was the victim’s fault or they were not as badly hurt as they claim to be.

The adjuster may also claim the injury victim’s medical bills were excessive.

If there were any missed medical appointments, the defense may say the claimant must not have really been hurt that severely.

The insurance company may also try to put some blame on the victim for the accident.

A person may also prolong their case when they fail to communicate with their own attorney.

A person should reveal past injuries and surgeries so their attorney can prosecute the case with truth and justice.

What to Do in a Nampa Settlement

To get a settlement in a timely manner, a person should respond promptly to communication from their personal injury attorney.

Email is usually the most reliable way to communicate with the legal team at Skaug Law, but we are happy to speak on the phone if a client prefers it.

Early in their case, a person should make sure their lawyer knows everything about their wage loss, medical care, where they have been treated, property damage loss, and other damages.

They should not wait until the lawyer has started negotiations.

To learn more about the process of a Nampa car accident settlement, reach out to our dedicated lawyers today.