Recovering Damages after a Car Wreck

After a car accident, you can seek to recover damages for anything that costs you money.

This can include payment for your medical bills, lost wages, lost future income, and pain and suffering.

A compassionate car accident lawyer from Skaug Law can help you fight for full compensation.

Economic Damages for a Car Crash

Economic damages include compensation for monetary losses including income loss, lost future income, and medical bills.

In other words, it pays you for anything that costs money as a result of the accident.

A lawyer from Skaug Law can help you determine all the losses from the accident to demand fair compensation.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

Non-economic damages are compensation for losses that cannot be easily valued like pain and suffering.

A good attorney can help you put a fair value on non-economic damages, depending on how the injuries affected your life.

Non-economic damages are ultimately calculated by a jury or a judge, but a good attorney builds the case for a specific amount.

The lawyer would highlight the trauma of the accident, how long it took the person to recover, how it affected them, if they missed out on family holidays, and if it hurt their quality of life.

Compensation to Punish Reckless Behavior

Punitive damages are meant to punish someone who behaved recklessly even though they knew their behavior was likely to hurt someone.

For example, someone driving drunk with twice the legal blood alcohol content limit may be liable for punitive damages.

But, the law makes it difficult to get punitive damages.

This means it is not common for a jury to award punitive damages.

The degree of the defendant’s reckless and bad behavior and how much money or assets the defendant owns or possesses may influence punitive damages.

How Punitive Damages Are Calculated

Punitive damages are calculated very differently from compensatory damages.

Compensatory damages are money paid to the victim for their injuries and losses.

Punitive damages are penalties intended to keep an at-fault person from repeating their reckless and bad behavior.

Therefore, punitive damages based on the amount of the assets or income the defendant has.

Who Pays Damages?

Your auto insurance company probably includes Med-Pay that pays for medical bills. But it could only pay up to $5,000 worth of coverage depending on your policy.

You may also have uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, and collision coverage for the vehicle that can cover certain damages.

The person who caused the car wreck is responsible for whatever damages they caused and the car repair or replacement.

If you were struck by an uninsured person who has no assets, you will have to depend on your own insurance company for compensation.

A well-versed attorney can help you determine who is responsible to pay for your damages and can help to discover other parties who may have responsibility in your accident.

Demanding Compensation for a Car Accident

When recovering damages after a car accident, a lawyer can first do an initial investigation to be sure they can prove key points of liability and damages.

They should communicate also with the doctors who have been treating the injured client and put together a winning case.

The attorney will usually make a demand for money, and if they do not get a fair amount for a settlement, they will file a lawsuit and prepare for trial.

How Can an Attorney Avoid Damage Caps?

There are ways for an accident attorney at Skaug Law to circumvent caps on economic and non-economic damages.

For instance, if the person who caused the collision was reckless in their behavior, an attorney can seek additional compensation.

Learn More About Recovering Damages

An attorney plays a huge role in helping you recover damages.

If you are in a severe accident with serious injuries, you are not likely to get a good recovery without an attorney.

Insurance companies are in the business of not paying out or paying out very little.

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