Refusing Medical Attention After a Nampa Car Accident

Refusing Medical Attention After a Car Accident

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make after a car accident in Nampa is refusing medical treatment.

Medical treatment is essential for multiple reasons.

First, and most important, it is the only way you can recover from your injuries.

Second, not receiving medical treatment can prevent you from recovering fair and full compensation.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer from Skaug Law can further explain the importance of seeking medical treatment after a crash.

Why Refusing Immediate Medical Attention is a Mistake

Refusing immediate medical attention is a mistake.

When someone is hurt in an accident, they are often embarrassed and may refuse medical care.

Others may feel like they just need to get home, away from the accident, and hope they feel better later.

But, many times, people are in shock or have an adrenaline rush that masks their serious injuries.

They sometimes refuse treatment when they really need it.

If the first responder recommends a car wreck victim get in the ambulance or go to the hospital, they should do it.

Refusing treatment can prevent a person from healing properly from their injuries.

Without a proper diagnosis from a doctor, a person cannot receive proper treatment.

Also, not getting immediate treatment can hurt a person’s case for compensation because the insurance company for the other side might try to say their injuries were not serious.

Not Following Doctors’ Orders After a Nampa Car Crash

It is a big mistake for an injured person to ignore their doctor’s orders or to not follow up on medical care.

It is bad for both their health and bad for their case.

Ignoring treatment can negatively impact the amount of compensation a person can recover in a claim.

If there is a gap in a person’s treatment that was recommended by their doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor, a clever insurance attorney will tell that jury the injured person must have not have been hurt badly because they skipped their appointments.

Also, medical bills are some of the main sources of evidence in a car accident case.

They show how much treatment the patient needed and what they needed treatment for.

This allows a lawyer from Skaug Law to claim compensation that covers all these bills and can help illustrate the pain and suffering a person endured because of their injuries.

Injury patients need to follow their doctor’s orders in order to get fair compensation.

Learn More About Why Refusing Medical Attention After a Nampa Car Accident is a Mistake

Some people who have been injured in an auto accident do not get needed medical care because they do not think they can afford a large medical bill.

Or they may be afraid their treatment will not get covered by the insurance company.

People should take care of their physical health and let their Nampa car accident lawyer worry about getting their bills covered and other compensation.

A dedicated lawyer from Skaug Law can help you build a strong claim for compensation so you can get the full and fair compensation that covers all your medical bills.

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