Nampa Bus Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured as a public transportation passenger? Have you been injured while riding on a Valley Regional Transit bus? Have you suffered injuries as a passenger on another public transportation vehicle? Were you hit by a bus while biking or driving a car?

If so you should seek the help of a Nampa bus accident lawyer with our firm today.

Hiring a Nampa Bus Accident Lawyer

Operators of buses, taxis and other modes of public transportation must meet specific safety and licensing regulations.

Skaug Law will do a thorough review of the details of your case and analyze the applicable rules and regulations that apply.

Once we understand what caused your accident, we help you win compensation for your injuries, lost wages and other damages.

Our experienced attorneys represent people who have been injured as a passenger as well as individuals who have been hit by a bus while on foot, bicycle or driving a car.

Our office represents clients in Nampa, Boise, Treasure Valley, and other areas of Idaho, as well as in Ontario, Oregon, who have been injured in bus and other public transportation accidents.

We are ready to immediately step in and aggressively protect your rights as an accident victim.