Meridian Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Walking provides many health benefits.

Unfortunately, due to reckless and careless drivers, pedestrians often are struck by vehicles and sustain severe injuries.

Injuries may include head trauma, organ damage, spinal injuries as well as severe road rash.

If you or a loved one were injured while walking due to the careless and reckless actions of another person, a skilled Meridian pedestrian accident lawyer may advocate on your behalf in a lawsuit against the negligent party.

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Recovering Compensation for Damages

Under Idaho Statutes §6-801, an injured pedestrian may recover damages in a lawsuit against a negligent party if they are found to be less at fault than the defendant.
The injured person’s compensation award will be reduced by their share of fault for the accident.

Injured pedestrians may be eligible to recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are the financial losses an individual suffers.

According to Idaho Statutes §6-1601, economic damages may consist of lost earnings, the loss of business opportunities, the costs of medical care, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Non-economic damages are harder to calculate. These types of injuries may include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, inconvenience, and mental anguish.

A dedicated pedestrian accident lawyer in Meridian can assist an injured victim to create a demand for compensation for their damages.

Understanding the Rules of The Road in Meridian

Under §49-802 of the Idaho Statutes drivers in Meridian are tasked with certain duties to walkers on or near the road.

Whether a motorist is driving straight ahead or turning, they must yield the right of way to pedestrians who are crossing the street.

Drivers must stop completely at stop signs and red lights.

If they are making a right turn on red, they must yield to walkers within a crosswalk.

The failure to do so could lead to an accident with a pedestrian, who may be able to sue for damages.

Pedestrians have specific rights regarding bicyclists, as well. Pedestrians have priority on sidewalks.

Under Idaho Statutes §49-721, a cyclist must yield the right of way to pedestrians on sidewalks and within crosswalks.

Also, riders must call an audible signal when they are about to pass a pedestrian from behind.

Both vehicles and bicycles generally travel at greater velocities than pedestrians.

They might severely harm a person on foot during an accident.

A diligent Meridian pedestrian accident attorney can assist victims who were hit by a car or bike while walking.

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