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Everything from the cars we drive, the chairs we sit in, and the stoves we use to cook our food is the product of a manufacturing business.

Manufacturing companies have a duty to produce a safe product. If they fail to meet this duty and cause an injury, the injury victim may be able to file a defective product claim.

But, simply suffering an injury while using a product is not enough to prevail in a defective product case. The law requires various legal standards in order to build a case against a manufacturer.

A Meridian defective products lawyer can help you meet this high legal standard.

The seasoned attorneys at Skaug Law can hear your side of the story, gather evidence about the maker’s manufacturing processes, and help you build a case to hold the defective product maker responsible.

Using the Item as Intended

If a product fails, and a user is injured, that product’s manufacturer may carry civil liability for any damage that results.

The product maker (defendant) may argue the product failed because the plaintiff did not use it as it was intended to be used. For example, a gas stove may malfunction, leading to a gas leak that causes a user to pass out and hit their head on a counter.

If the malfunction is because a faulty gasket allowed the gas to seep out of the input line, the manufacturer is likely to be at fault. But, if the gas leak is the result of the customer using the stove to heat their apartment, this is not the intended use of the stove, and the injured person (plaintiff) will have difficulty winning this case.

A diligent defective products lawyer in Meridian can examine the causes of the plaintiff’s injuries and deflect any attempts by defendants to shift blame onto the injured claimant.

Legal Theories Involving Product Failure

Once a plaintiff can establish the product failed during normal use, they have three possible strategies to prove a defendant product maker was at fault.

The first involves a failure in design. The injured plaintiff’s attorney may argue the product was inherently dangerous due to a poor design.

Second, a plaintiff may argue an error during the manufacturing process resulted in an unsafe product. Here, the plaintiff’s attorney may concede the product’s design was sound, but a machine or operator error during the creation of the product resulted in an item that did not meet specifications.

Finally, the plaintiff’s lawyer may argue the manufacturer did not provide sufficient warnings about the risks involved with using the product. This path to compensation results in the abundance of warning labels and instruction manuals shipped with even the most common products.

A seasoned Meridian defective products attorney can help you choose the legal strategy that best fits the facts of your case.

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Product manufacturers have a duty to make items that are reasonably safe when used properly.

This applies not only to everyday items but even items that are dangerous such as a firearm.

A Meridian defective products lawyer can help you to win compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

Your attorney can handle every portion of your case from initial consultation, to settlement talks, to a potential trial.

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