Meridian Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bike riding helps both the mind and body and contributes to a clean environment.

But, Meridian bicycle riders sometimes find it hard to get others to share the streets, so they can avoid bicycle accidents.

Bicycle riders may have grounds for a lawsuit if they were injured due to the negligent actions of another.

A Meridian bicycle accident lawyer can a strong advocate for you throughout the legal process.

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Common Type of Injuries and Damages

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 515,000 Americans were treated in emergency rooms for bicycle injuries in just one year.

Injuries sustained while biking may include:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Paralysis and spinal cord trauma
  • Loss of limb

These injuries may lead to hefty medical bills and lost wages.


Injured people are allowed by law to pursue both economic and noneconomic damages.

Under Idaho Statutes § 6-1601, economic damages may include out-of-pocket expenses, loss of earnings, and loss of business opportunities.

Noneconomic awards may be given for intangibles, such as pain and suffering, inconvenience, and mental anguish.

Shared Responsibility for an Accident in Meridian

According to Idaho Statutes §6-80, injured bicyclists may not be awarded compensation if the court decides they were more than 50% at fault for their harms.

Even if a cyclist is not more than 50% at fault, a damages award could be reduced if the biker violated any relevant statutes during the accident.

Regulations for Bike Riders

A bicyclist is required to allow the right of way to pedestrians on walkways and within crosswalks, per Idaho Statutes §49-721.

Additionally, if they are behind and approaching someone on foot, they must audibly warn that person.

This may prevent collisions with pedestrians, where both the biker and the walker are harmed.

A bicycle rider is prohibited from clinging to or following a car closely, under Idaho Statutes §49-716.

It is best to speak to an experienced attorney to find out if you have a case and how to move forward.

Bike-Related Laws for Motorists

Bicycle riders are not the only ones who need to obey Meridian’s statutes.

There are regulations that motorists and others on the road must follow to prevent collisions with bikes.

Collisions may occur when a driver backs up without looking in the rear-view mirror.

Under Idaho Statutes §49-604, operators of motor vehicles may not pull out of a driveway, or even back up, without making sure the area behind them is clear.

Motorists are forbidden to drive on a sidewalk or similar walkway. An exception applies, of course, for private driveways.

They must also exercise due care toward bicyclists who are riding close to the curb with the flow of traffic.

Motorists may only pass on the right under limited circumstances and must watch out for bike riders.

A bicycle accident attorney in Meridian can explain how people who break these rules can be held responsible in a bicyclist’s lawsuit.

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