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Do You Agree With Meridian’s Ban On Using Handheld Devices While Driving?

By Bruce D. Skaug Managing Attorney, Skaug Law PC   It took a tie-breaking vote by Mayor Tammy De Weerd to pass the hands-free ordinance through a divided Meridian city council. If you are pulled over for using a handheld device while driving in...

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Borrowed car hits me. How do I cover damages?

I am frustrated and don’t know what to do. WHAT HAPPENED: An online poster writes– “4 months ago an uninsured driver hit my car and totaled it. I didn’t have uninsured motorist insurance at the time. (stupidity on my end) The other driver was driving her...

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Some Help for Healing Emotionally After a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, taking care of your physical injuries is the first priority, but it’s just as important to pay attention to your emotional needs. The trauma of an accident can leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid. Your emotional...

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A simple insurance tweak can save your bacon

Have you looked at your auto policy uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage? Why do I ask? Read this victim’s story– “I was on the interstate and a driver in front of me made a sudden U-turn and drove the wrong way. I had a massive collision with her. “I survived but...

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Car versus Pedestrian Accidents: Know Your Options

Pedestrian-car accidents can be devastating, and they’re more common than most people realize. Not surprisingly, insurance companies have a track record of trying to duck responsibility by blaming the victim. A car accident attorney can be a powerful advocate to help you get good medical...

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What Should I do after a Hit and Run?

Hit-and-run accidents happen every day — resulting in all kinds of repercussions. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare to be a hit-and-run victim so you’re not caught off guard and unsure of what to do if it happens. Call for help No...

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I’ve Just Witnessed a Car Accident. What Should I Do?

Witnessing a car accident is something most of us will experience at least once in our lives. Most of us instinctively want to help however we can. It’s important to know how to do so safely, without putting our own lives, or the lives...

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The Lawyers Lounge: Hit by an uninsured or under insured driver

I had a car wreck caused by an uninsured driver. My insurance company payment doesn’t begin to cover all my expenses. I had full coverage and have been a loyal customer for years. Do I have any options to recover my losses? That is a very...

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I’ve Been Hit By A Car And They Drove Away – Now What?

Being involved in a car accident is never a good experience. Hopefully, the accident wasn’t serious enough that anyone was injured, but the shock and trauma can still stay with you (and any passengers) and leave you feeling a little bit less safe on...

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Back and Spinal Injuries After a Car Accident

In the thousands of car accidents that occur every day across the country, many people involved in those accidents are injured. Among those injuries, back and spinal cord injury is the most common. If you have been injured in a car accident and are...

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