You should never have to accept an unfair settlement

Thanks to attorney Todd Joyner, a frustrated collision victim receives full compensation for his vehicle.

Victim receives $4,000 more than first car insurance offer

The victim had the right of way when the other driver caused the collision. The victim’s car, valued at $10,845, was totaled.

The other driver’s insurance company told the victim—

  • He must take the wrecked vehicle back
  • The vehicle has a salvage value of $1,900
  • He was 10% responsible for the collision (a claim they never explained)
  • After deducting the salvage value and 10% liability, they will pay the victim only $7,500

Frustrated and angry, the victim sought help from Todd Joyner, an attorney with Skaug Law PC.

Todd called the insurance adjuster and told her—

  • The victim was not going to accept 10% of the liability for the collision. He was not at fault
  • The victim does not want the wrecked vehicle
  • The victim will file a lawsuit if you do not pay fair compensation now

The insurance adjuster began to backtrack on the phone and said—

  • The offer she had sent was “not accurate”
  • She was “just informed” by another adjuster they were accepting 100% of the liability
  • Because they were accepting liability they would not require the victim take the vehicle back

As a result of Todd’s single call, the adjuster submitted a new offer of $11,500.

Through Todd’s intervention, the victim received $4,000 more than the first insurance offer and full compensation for replacing his vehicle.

One more bonus for the victim— Todd did not charge for his services.

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