What Makes it a Work Injury?

Have you been injured as the result of your work? Lawyers in Boise Valley have seen many cases and have the experience to walk you through the process of receiving workers’ compensation benefits. You may have several questions about what qualifies as a work-related injury to receive compensation. Let’s address the common questions about workers’ compensation.

What makes an injury work-related?

An injury connected to work is covered by workers’ comp. The injury must have happened “in the course of employment” to qualify. This does not include the commute to work. Sometimes claims can be expanded to include other work-related situations, like getting injured during a softball game while playing for a company-affiliated team.

What if the employee is partially at fault?

Workers’ comp operates under a no-fault system. Even if the worker was careless, they are still eligible to receive comp. However, benefits may be reduced or limited for careless misconduct by the injured employee. i.e. Forklift racing in the warehouse.

What about repetitive motion injuries?

Do on-the-job injuries eligible for workers comp involve repeated motions? A common workplace injury is caused by repetitive motions of the body. These include repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), and related motion injuries (RMIs).

The most common form of repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This affects the wrists, hands and forearms. It is especially common with desk jobs. Our bodies weren’t designed to endure the same motions hundreds of times in a small amount of time. This injury can be treated by rest, light medication and rehabilitate exercise. Carpal tunnel and other work-related cumulative motion injuries are usually covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

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