Watch Out For These Tricks From Insurance Providers

Protecting Your Workers’ Comp Claim

by Bruce D. Skaug, Managing Attorney

Even though insurance companies say they’re on your side and there to protect you from mayhem, they’re really just trying to pad their bottom line.

Insurance companies— even your own— are in business to make money for their shareholders.

Insurance companies lose money when they are forced to pay for claims.

They use a number of tactics to minimize compensation or keep from paying any compensation at all.

So, when you report a workers’ compensation claim to your employer and your insurance company, keep in mind some of the tricks they may pull to limit your recovery.

If you suspect you aren’t getting the medical help you need from the insurance company doctor, you should have a free talk with an attorney.


If your insurance company insists you must visit one of their approved physicians to determine the extent of your injury, that’s a red flag.

Insurance company doctors don’t like to bite the hand that feeds them and can save the insurer money by denying treatment options to injury victims.

If you suspect the insurance doctor is blocking your recovery, consulting an attorney can help you break through to get the treatment you need.

Insurance companies might also work to dismiss reports from other doctors as unreliable.

Make sure you get a full report of your injury from a reliable physician.


If insurance companies can find evidence of injuries from previous jobs, they might try to reduce your payout by arguing your injury is a result of a preexisting condition.

If the injury happened on work property during a break, lunch, or some other time when you weren’t performing your duties, they might try to reduce your compensation.

Don’t fall for it. Know the facts of your case and stick to them.


You should never let an insurance adjuster record your conversation until you talk to an injury attorney.

Anything you say can be used against you to limit your claim.

Tell the insurance company, “I need to speak to an attorney before giving any statements.”

Most workers’ compensation attorneys offer a free consultation and we do too.

During the consultation we tell people about their legal options, how to protect their rights to financial compensation and we answer any questions they have about their situation.


Some workers’ comp adjusters have been known to secretly video workers in an attempt to catch them exceeding the movement restrictions given to them by their doctor.

If they catch it on camera, they can argue you don’t need as much compensation as you claimed.

That’s why it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions, even if you think you’re getting better.

Consulting the largest workers’ comp law firm in Idaho can only help your case.

At Skaug Law, we’re familiar with all the tricks insurance providers use to cheat good people out of needed medical treatment and financial compensation.

If you have serious injuries, there is too much to risk to go forward without professional help.

The insurance companies have lawyers protecting their interests. You need the same protection.

The odds are stacked against you and you will not likely get a full financial recovery on your own.

With an experienced attorney you can win full compensation, benefits and justice.

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