Tips to Protect Pedestrians

An accident is a terrible thing to be involved in. Apply these pedestrian pointers to help protect you and others from needing an accident attorney.

1. Take it slow.

Excessive rushing can cost lives. The faster you drive, the more difficult it will be to respond in time to avoid a fatal accident.  As a pedestrian, make eye contact with car drivers before walking in front of the vehicles.  Cross at marked crosswalks or at intersections.  Inattentive drivers may not see you, even on a clear day with no other traffic.

2. Yield the road.

Be aware of crosswalks or marked paths. Not all crosswalks are marked, so be ready to yield at every intersection.

3. Make eye contact with pedestrians.

Communication is key on the road. How do you determine if a person is planning to cross or is just waiting for a friend? Pedestrians will frequently check for confirmation that oncoming traffic sees them. Make eye contact.

4. Be patient.

Let them completely cross before you zip off. Older pedestrians or blind pedestrians take longer in crossing the street so be prepared to wait.

5. Break soon in bad weather.

Consider the road conditions and allow extra time to brake.

6. Apply extra caution around children.

In school zones, neighborhoods or nearby parks, keep your eyes peeled for kids. You must be fully prepared for the unpredictable since children aren’t always aware of their own safety.

7. Do not drink and drive.

Statistics tell us that 14% of pedestrians killed in car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Do not mix intoxication with driving.  Drinking alcohol and then driving is just plain stupid.

8. Watch where you park.

No one wants to have to walk around your car because you stopped too far into the crosswalk. This blocks the view of the pedestrian. It’s also important not to block sidewalks. When stopped at an intersection, give space for a pedestrian to cross without having to go out of their normal pathway.

An attorney can help you if an accident does happen. When involved in an accident, be sure and contact an attorney as soon as possible.