The Stages of Grief from Wrongful Death

Nothing compares to the ache of losing your loved one to wrongful death in a car accident or medical malpractice. There are different stages of grief to walk through.

Stage 1 – Shock/Denial

After you receive the tragic news of that stopped heartbeat, you may wonder why the numbness seems to keep you from crying. It can take hours, days or weeks to even begin to process what has happened. You might feel distanced and removed from your emotions. In this stage, be sure to allow yourself to process the event and give yourself permission to cry – or not cry. Don’t distance yourself from other loved ones, but surround yourself with their care and support.  Lean on friends and church members.

Stage 2 – Pain/Guilt

The next phase involves aching pain and suffering. The numbness is gone and you are face to face with your raw emotions. This is an exhausting stage of grief so rest often and expect tears to flow at all the wrong times. Instead of isolating yourself, seek help and even reach out to others.

Stage 3 – Anger/Bitterness

Especially in the case of wrongful death, it’s normal to crave justice. It’s tempting to spout out anger and bitterness on anyone directly or indirectly involved with the cause of the death. In the case of wrongful death in a car accident, it’s important to channel this want of justice through a wrongful death attorney. This will allow you to focus on maintaining a state of forgiveness and normal life while your attorney deals with the legal aspects of making things right.

Stage 4 – Acceptance

Eventually, a new rhythm will ensue. Grief will remain, but you will also start to enjoy life again–humor, beauty, companionship. Continue to avoid isolation and move forward with other loved ones in your life and give back to others.

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