Pre-litigation screening panel volunteers needed

Do you know someone, who would make a good volunteer on the pre-litigation screening panels? The Idaho State Board of Medicine is looking for lay people to serve. The Board of Medicine is seeking volunteers to serve on Prelitigation Hearings for consideration of Medical Malpractice claims for damages against physicians or licensed acute care general hospitals in Idaho.

Lay Panelist volunteers must be responsible adult citizens of Idaho but may not be lawyers, physicians or hospital employees. Lay Panelists may serve more than one (1) time in a year as a member of a Prelitigation Hearing Panel.

The composition of a Prelitigation Hearing Panel includes one (1) Idaho licensed physician; one (1) layman panelist; one (1) resident lawyer and one (1) person serving as an administrator of a licensed acute care general hospital in cases involving claims again hospitals.

If a Lay Panelist agrees to serve, he/she receives copies of documents and/or medical records for review before the Prelitigation Hearing. At the Prelitigation Hearing, the Lay Panelists will meet with the other Panelists and hear the claim made by or on behalf of any patient who is an alleged victim of medical negligence. Upon deliberation, the Hearing Panel issues an Advisory Decision and returns all copies of documents and/or medical records to the Board. A Prelitigation Hearing will typically last two (2) hours, but may vary in duration.

In order to properly convene future Prelitigation Hearing Panels, the Board must recruit Lay Panelist volunteers in the following six regions: Hearing are held in each Region.

Region 1 – Boise

Region 2 – Idaho Falls

Region 3 – Pocatello

Region 4 – Cour D’Alene

Region 5 – Lewiston

Region 6 – Moscow

How to Apply: The Board would appreciate receiving the name and telephone number of possible volunteers to be Lay Panelists by contacting the Prelitigation Department:


Telephone: (208) 327-7000