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Motorcycle Safety

Last updated Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Motorcycle Safety

It’s no secret — riding two wheels is loads of thrilling fun . . . as long as no one gets hurt. Here are a few safety tips to protect yourself from injuries resulted by motorcycle accidents.

1. Wear the right gear.

A helmet is crucial when riding a motorcycle. That little bit of distance between you and the outside can save you from a lot of concrete damage or car collision damage. Hopefully, you’ll never experience how important a helmet is in an accident, but it’s worth it to always wear one.

Another key piece of your motorcycle gear is gloves. When you fall, you place your hand out to catch you, right? When you take a fall at 50-70 MPH, your hands will still be there to catch you but at much greater cost.

Thirdly, the appropriate boots are not to be forgotten. Don’t be caught in the vulnerable place with nothing but your bare ankles and an 800-pound hunk of metal. A sturdy jacket and pair of pants will also protect against road rash.

2. Watch the road like a hawk.

Defensive driving is imperative when riding a motorcycle. Put your eyes ahead of your wheels and look before you enter a corner. Pretend everyone else is partially blind and you have to be on your guard. Imagine that no one has mirrors. Anticipating what others might do could save you your life.

3. When in an accident, don’t fool around — hire an accident attorney.

It’s not just road safety that matters but legal safety too. Find an accident attorney who understands the freedom and rights of motorcycle riders and can advocate on your behalf.

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