More Victims Step Forward in Sex Abuse Scandal

Several more victims have now come forward in the growing child sex scandal at the Idaho Juvenile Corrections Center in Nampa (IDJC). In a tort claim filed Tuesday, formerly incarcerated juveniles at the facility claim they were sexually abused at the hands of the IDJC staff. All were minors at the time of the alleged abuse.

Three members of the facility’s staff have already been named in previous tort claims and one lawsuit. The new charges implicate two additional female employees who are accused of statutory rape, lewd and lascivious conduct, sexual battery, and neglect.

“Every time the media reports new victims of IDJC staff, additional abused children find the courage to step forward,” said attorney Bruce D. Skaug of Nampa, who is representing the victims. “Often, the victims have confided their abuse to their mothers. When mothers hear other children have spoken out, they encourage their child to finally report their abusers.”

In addition to being a troubled minor diagnosed with mental illness, one of the victims was so heavily medicated, he was drooling. While in this state, one of the IDJC female staff performed oral sex on him. Another victim cites a staff member engaged him in multiple sex acts including as many as 15 acts of sexual intercourse over a period of several months.

At times, one IDJC staff member stood as a lookout from the security station to warn a fellow abuser if someone else approached the area. One alleged abuser encouraged child victims to masturbate as she watched. Another provided nude photos of herself to male juveniles and also took nude photos of the child victims.

“Some of the victims pled for help by slipping notes under the door of then IDJC Director, Betty Grimm,” said Skaug. “The juveniles claim Director Grimm provided little response other than to say they had to go through proper channels to complain about the facility or staff.”

Staff members are also accused of providing controlled substances and street drugs to the incarcerated juveniles. Some employees encouraged male juveniles, many on medication for mental health diagnoses, to fight one another for the amusement of the staff. The sexual and physical abuse is claimed to have occurred from approximately 2008 through 2012, and to have involved many juveniles and staff members.

The victims are represented by attorney, Bruce D. Skaug, who is seeking an aggregate claim of $8.4 million in damages for the latest tort claim.