Know Your Rights if You Have Been Involved in an Accident as a Passenger

If you sustained injuries as a passenger in a car accident, you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney will make sure your interests are represented.

 What if the Driver is a Friend or Family Member?

Don’t be concerned about appearing unkind if the driver of the car is a friend or even a family member. Drivers carry insurance to take care of friends and family who may get hurt in their cars. Your medical bills will be paid by the insurance company, not the driver’s personal funds. Most insurance policies include coverage for medical payments, and your injuries will likely be paid from this resource.  However, the insurance company IS NOT your friend.

What if There’s Not Enough Insurance?

Your car accident attorney can help you get full compensation from your injuries through other avenues. If the medical insurance is exhausted, compensation can be sought through the other driver’s policy, or through the policy belonging to the owner of either vehicle. Uninsured or underinsured motorist policies are also a resource to be pursued.

The Insurance Company is Pressuring Me

It’s common for insurance companies to fight making payments of any kind. They may try to minimize the extent of your injuries or doubt that you were hurt at all. They may claim their driver was not at fault for the accident, or attempt to drag things out until you give up. If and when you’re contacted by an insurance company regarding the accident, remember these tips:

  • Don’t sign anything. Signing a statement to settle too early, no matter how attractive the dollar amount, means you’ll forfeit your right to payment for injuries that may not completely heal.  If you sign a settlement and the amount doesn’t cover your medical bills or related expenses, you won’t be able to get compensation for future medical bills and pain.
  • The insurance company may ask to record your statement. You are not required to do this. You may think it’s not a big deal, but they may blindside you and suddenly use aggressive courtroom tactics while you’re being recorded. Their hope is that you’ll get confused or angry and say something that sheds doubt on your case.

If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a car accident, the experienced attorneys at Skaug Law can puruse fair compensation for your medical expenses, wage loss and pain & suffering. Contact us today for a free, friendly consultation. We are here when you need us.