Injured on the Job? Timely Reporting is Important

While walking through your office one morning, you suddenly find yourself lying on the floor. You gingerly rise to your feet, pick up your dropped files, and proceed on your way. Your back hurts and since you’re fairly confident you aren’t badly injured, you see no reason to report the incident. That, however, could be a mistake.

Why File a Report?

Any time you’ve been injured while on the job, you should report it immediately. In the case above, there could be some injuries that may not manifest themselves until the next day. There may be a swollen knee that requires an x-ray or a jarred neck that requires treatment beyond what you can do at home, and a workers’ compensation claim will suddenly become very important to you.

We often suffer injuries that don’t require immediate medical treatment, and many of us decide to take a cautious wait-and-see approach before heading to the doctor’s office. Even if you decide to take that route for a work-related injury, you should still report your accident or injury to your employer immediately. If a co-worker witnessed the accident, it’s a good idea to take them with you when you talk to your employer.

Your Employer Needs to Know

Your employer may have certain internal procedures they are required to follow whenever an employee has an accident or suffers an injury. These can include:

  • Internal company deadlines for reporting injuries.
  • Procedures for formal reprimands for employees who fail to report injuries.
  • Employers can question why you failed to report your injury. This can lead to delays or attempts to deny claims.

You Have a Friend

The attorneys at Skaug Law know the law. We have extensive experience helping injured workers with workers’ compensation claims. If you’ve been injured at work, contact us today for help!