Fighting for the Underdog

Your Story Matters Here

by Bruce D. Skaug, Managing Attorney

I’ve always loved a good underdog story. 

When I first decided to study law, I intended to become a lawyer who fought for the underdog. I wanted to fight for the people who found themselves in lawsuits they had little chance of winning. I wanted to be someone who could bring the long-shots justice and closure. 

Fresh out of law school I took a job as a prosecuting attorney for Ada County. The work was enjoyable, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be. I could make sure the bad guy ended up behind bars, where he wouldn’t hurt my clients any longer, but I couldn’t be a part of repairing the damage done. If they had been in a car accident, I couldn’t help them seek compensation for pain and suffering and hospital bills.

It seemed like some of my clients were left picking up the pieces of a shattered life, and there was nothing I could do about it. 

One day, one of the judges I often worked with gave me some advice I will never forget. He put his arm around my shoulders and told me earnestly, “Get out of this job. Otherwise, one day you’ll become a judge like me, and I hate my job.” 

He saw some potential in me to succeed outside of my role at the Ada County Courthouse, and it was all I needed to hear. Soon after, I took a job with a personal injury and workers’ comp firm in Nampa. It seemed like the perfect transition into a job where I could make sure every underdog had their day and won the compensation they needed.

Six months into my new job, the attorney I worked for closed up shop and took most of his clients with him. I was left alone, with not nearly enough clients to maintain the practice by myself. I almost called it quits and thought seriously about trying to get another job at the Ada County Courthouse. I was in an underdog story of my own, and it seemed there was not much chance of winning.

That was 27 years ago. 

By the grace of God, and with the encouragement of friends and family, I stuck with the firm and made it work. Today, Skaug Law is the largest workers’ comp law firm in Idaho, and I have the help of some 20 staff members to keep things running smoothly. We have been able to help thousands of injury victims win full compensation.

Not bad for a kid from Jerome!

We’ve seen our fair share of success, but we haven’t grown complacent. We work hard to defend the underdogs of Idaho and fight against the prejudices that might prevent our clients from getting the compensation and justice they need. It can be difficult to overcome biases held by juries and defendants, but we’ve seen time and time again how a genuine desire for everyone to be represented equally before the law can win the day.

We hope for many more years of helping the long-shots of Idaho win the maximum for their injuries and find peace again.

About the author: Bruce Skaug manages a 20-member legal team  helping injury victims win maximum compensation. 

Practice areas include personal injury, workers’ compensation and wrongful death. 

Skaug Law is Idaho’s largest workers’ compensation law firm.