Car vs. Bike Accidents: What to Do if That Is You

Spring is officially here. With this warmer weather comes the urge to get out and start riding your bike (at least for some). So on top of tuning up your bike and making sure the helmet still fits just right, take a few moments to read through this list tips in the event your are unlucky enough to get hit by a car.

  1. Get off of the street after you’ve been hit if possible. Getting hit by a car is bad enough without the possibility of getting hit again.
  2. Check yourself, not the bike. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a $20 bike or $2000 bike, make yourself the priority. Are you bleeding? Is your helmet cracked and if so, where is it cracked.
  3. Call 9-1-1. Your body’s first response to the injuries is going to be adrenaline fueled. Once that goes away, the pain will start and you will realize just how hurt you really are. Having a paramedic around when the pain starts will be a very good thing.
  4. Never admit fault and get the driver’s name, address and insurance information. This information could be your only recourse for getting a fair court hearing.
  5. If your cell phone was lucky enough to survive the accident, start taking pictures. It goes without saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. Wait. Wait for the police and paramedics to show up and do their job. Those reports they turn in will be very helpful to you in the aftermath of the accident.

After the dust finally settles after the accident and you find yourself battling between insurance companies, consider hiring an attorney. The personal injury lawyers at Skaug Law specialize in Idaho bike law and will help you get the settlement you deserve. Call today, you’ll talk with an attorney on your first call!