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Watch out! No one is paying attention

distracted driving from Your friend at Skaug Law on Vimeo. Good news/bad news DUI crashes are down according to the Idaho Transportation Department. Good news. The bad? Distracted driving collisions are rising. Please drive defensively. When you see another driver taking their eyes off the...

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Know Your Rights if You Have Been Involved in an Accident as a Passenger

If you sustained injuries as a passenger in a car accident, you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney will make sure your interests are represented.  What if the Driver is a Friend or Family Member? Don’t be concerned about appearing...

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Some Help for Healing Emotionally After a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, taking care of your physical injuries is the first priority, but it’s just as important to pay attention to your emotional needs. The trauma of an accident can leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid. Your emotional...

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