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What To Do If Your Child is Attacked by a Dog

Dog bites are a leading cause of injury to children, with more than 50% of bites occurring to children under the age of 12 years. Dog bites are the #1 reason for emergency room visits for child activity, surpassing all other injuries, including fractures...

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The Lawyers Lounge: Hit by an uninsured or under insured driver

I had a car wreck caused by an uninsured driver. My insurance company payment doesn’t begin to cover all my expenses. I had full coverage and have been a loyal customer for years. Do I have any options to recover my losses? That is a very...

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Protect Your Rights: Hire a Motorcycle Lawyer

Many victims of motorcycle accidents believe their only hope of compensation is through insurance companies when they have a more reliable option with a motorcycle lawyer. Insurers are difficult to deal with when you are trying to get fair compensation, but motorcycle lawyers know...

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